APAR Online Process

APAR 2018 Status: Currently Closed for Data Input.

CAHIIM routinely monitors program performance, outcomes and changes for continuous quality improvement. In order to maintain Continuing Accreditation status, CAHIIM Accredited programs are required to provide an Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR) using the APAR Online System. Accredited Programs in the Comprehensive Program Review Process must also complete an Annual Report by 4:59 pm CST, October 15, 2018. The reporting period covers August 1, 2016 - July 31, 2017.

Access the annual reporting system at the APAR System Login Link. You will log in to APAR using the same user ID and password that you were given for the previous APAR. Your APAR user ID does not change from year-to- year and each APAR member has the ability to create their own password.  If this is your first time reporting APAR, you should have received an email with your APAR user ID and a temporary password. If you did not receive this information or if you need assistance with APAR access please contact apar@cahiim.org 

New for APAR 2018

  • Validation of Program Directory information
    You will have to verify that Program Directory is up-to-date information before you can start the APAR assessment. This change is to ensure that the CAHIIM directory is current (prospective students do use the directory when choosing a program). Directory information will in turn update the APAR Profile so you won’t have to enter general profile information multiple times.

  • Regional Accreditor information
    Information requested includes the name of the accreditor, and your institution’s current accreditation status (Accredited, Probationary Accreditation, Accreditation Withdrawn, etc.).

  • Admission Enrollment information
    How many students applied to your program during the APAR 2018 academic year and how many were accepted

  • Ability to import data from the previous APAR Faculty and Curriculum tables

  • Modified Curriculum Table to add terms courses are offered

  • Change in the time frame for Certification Score reporting, time frame now mirrors APAR reporting time frame

Aggregated data will be posted on the CAHIIM website in an Excel spreadsheet once APAR has closed. Data set will include enrollment and faculty information, range of Certification scores by undergraduate program level (Information for master’s level programs is not available at this time).  Programs will be de-identified and each assigned an alias. If there is specific APAR information that you would like to see in this report in the future, please contact CAHIIM staff at apar@cahiim.org or add your request to your “APAR Additional Comments”.

APAR Resources

2017 APAR User's Guide, Section I : Getting Started describes how to access and navigate through the System Sections and functionality.In the APAR system, locate the Resources Tab for additional Section Help documentation:

Section 2: Profile
Section 3: Enrollment
Section 4: Curriculum
Section 5: Faculty
Section 6: Certification
Section 7: Goals

APAR Sample Survey Forms

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