APAR Online Process

2019 APAR Status: CLOSED

CAHIIM routinely monitors program performance, outcomes and changes for continuous quality improvement. In order to maintain Continuing Accreditation status, CAHIIM Accredited programs are required to provide an Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR) using the APAR Online System. Accredited Programs in the Comprehensive Program Review Process must also complete an Annual Report.

Access the APAR sign in link at APAR System Login Link.The 2019 APAR will open January 15, 2019 to collect data from each CAHIIM accredited Health Information Management and Health Informatics program. The 2019 APAR covers data collection for the academic year beginning August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018. The importance of completing the 2019 APAR is not only that it is required by CAHIIM Accreditation Standards, but also provides fundamental data useful to you, your administration, students and the public.

APAR Closure Date

The APAR system will close for all programs at 11:59 PM on March 31, 2019. Failure to complete the 2019 APAR will result in a Late Fee of $500 and will place the program on Administrative Probationary Accreditation until the report is submitted.

Programs Participating in the 2019 APAR

  • If your program was not accredited during the 2019 APAR reporting timeframe (August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018), you do not have to complete the 2019 APAR.
  • If your program is under Inactive Status you do not have to complete the 2019 APAR.   
  • All programs must complete and update the Directory Profile Tab

Signing into the 2019 APAR

The APAR System has emailed an APAR User ID and Password to all Program Directors. Please contact CAHIIM staff at apar@cahiim.org  if:
1. you have never participated in the APAR reporting process;    
2. you have misplaced your user ID or password information;
3. you have any APAR questions. Response is usually within 24 hours.

Program Director Change: If there is a new program director implemented after the system has opened, the program must complete the Program Director Change Form and Fee and be Prior Approved before accessing the system. The process must be completed before the established APAR deadline.

APAR Resources and Help

We emphasize the importance of reviewing the Instructions and collecting all data and materials using the APAR 2019 Data Element Checklist sent to all programs. The checklist will describe data collected and identify data fields that are new for 2019 APAR.

APAR User's Guide, Section I : Getting Started describes how to access and navigate through the System Sections and functionality. In the APAR system, locate the Resources Tab for additional Section Help documentation:

Section 2: Profile
Section 3: Enrollment
Section 4: Curriculum
Section 5: Faculty
Section 6: Certification
Section 7: Goals

APAR Sample Survey Forms

PDF Format

Microsoft Word Format