Curriculum Requirements

NOTICE: All CAHIIM Accredited HIM Programs must be currently using the AHIMA/CEE 2014 HIM Academic Competencies

Programs will report all courses taught within their CAHIIM Accredited programs in the 2017 CAHIIM Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR).  A stratified random sampling audit process will be conducted to examine compliance with the 2014 HIM competencies, and will occur after final closure of the APAR report system.

The AHIMA Council for Excellence in Education (CEE)

An AHIMA council established in 2011 as the leading force in education strategy for the profession, guiding the academic community through improvements to education, coursework, and the curricula of associate, baccalaureate, and graduate programs in HIM and related studies. The CEE has developed a tool-kit to assist programs with the transition to the 2014 AHIMA/CEE Academic Competencies. Each of these tools is labeled in the AHIMA CourseShare under the heading of Curriculum Development Tool-Kit according to program level.

CAHIIM is not responsible for accreditation information, consultations or presentations that are not provided by CAHIIM staff.


CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS)

PROCESS FORMS ONLY: For Applicants in the Accreditation Process for Initial or Continuing Accreditation

The 2014 CAHIIM HIM Curriculum Requirements templates files below are to be used for current applicant programs only in the accreditation process and in coordination with the most current policies and procedures presented in the annual CAHIIM Accreditation Process Conference designed for applicants.

2014 HIM Master’s Degree Curriculum Requirements

HIM Masters Curriculum Requirements

2014 HIM Baccalaureate Degree Curriculum Requirements

HIM Baccalaureate Curriculum Requirements

2014 HIM Associate Degree Curriculum Requirements

HIM Associate Curriculum Requirements