Health Information Management Continuing Accreditation

Accredited programs will undergo the annual reporting and monitoring process through the Annual Program Assessment Report (APAR). Additionally under the 2012 Standard for Administrative Requirements for Maintaining Accreditation the program must participate in a CAHIIM Comprehensive Accreditation Review with a site visit as determined by CAHIIM. Programs may also be assigned a Focus Review if APAR outcomes consistently trend below an unacceptable level or there is credible evidence of noncompliance within the Standards. Programs are notified a minimum of one year in advance in order for the program to assess its compliance with the Standards and for budgeting purposes.

CAS (CAHIIM Accreditation System) is the online system for Comprehensive Accreditation Review for Continuing Accreditation applicants. Upon notification of the review process the program is immediately provided access to the Self-Assessment stage and must complete all questions and Items of Evidence by the provided Due Date.

Continuing Accreditation Timeline

Continuing Accreditation Timeline

Continuing Program Submits Self-Assessment

Required Forms for completion and file uploads in this stage:

Program Evaluation Plan (required template for Standard #4. Program Goals)

Budget Template (required template for Standard #22. Financial Support)

Budget Template

Synopsis of Curriculum (required template for Standard #24. The Curriculum)

Curriculum Requirements (required for Standard #24. The Curriculum) Complete the applicable template mapping program courses to required curriculum content.

Online Content Delivery

Academic technologies, software applications and simulations, and online or web-enhanced courses, have a significant role in the learning environment. To fairly evaluate online content the program must provide CAHIIM with full access to all online course content and relevant education applications used to deliver this content.

Learning Management System (required template for Standard #24 The Curriculum) 

LMS template

Program Resources


A formal staff review and assessment of the information submitted. An assessment will be provided within 90 days. A request for clarification or additional information may be requested and is reviewed by CAHIIM quality education staff in the order received.

Site Visit

An onsite of the program verifies the accuracy of documentation submitted by the program. The site visit team will meet with program officials to seek conformity with the CAHIIM Accreditation Standards. After the site visit is concluded the site visit team will complete a Site Visit Report stage in the CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS).

The Program is invoiced the Site Visit Processing Fee in this stage.

Download the following documents for this stage:

Program Response

A formal response to the site visit results is requested from the program director within 30 days.

Council and Board Review

An accreditation recommendation and accreditation decision is provided to the program at the next available meetings. Any program may be awarded a 6 month Progress Report to be submitted if there exists Standard deficiencies that remain that require time for implementation. This information will be required to be completed in the CAHIIM Accreditation System by the CAHIIM specified due date.

Progress Report Requirement

In order to maintain accreditation status the program must submit a progress report that satisfies the remaining Standard deficiencies that resulted from the review process. A The Board Report will reflect the current Not Met or Partial Met Standard deficiencies that require the institution’s attention and provides guidelines for resolution and evidence of implementation in order to achieve full compliance for the program.

Progress Report Deficiency Validation Tool template: This format must be used for completing partial met and not met curricula considerations for Standard 24.

Failure to submit this report by the due date may place the program on Administrative Probationary Accreditation. An unsatisfactory progress report or a Substantive Change in Program Director during the progress report process may result in a Focused Review and site visit of the program.

Situations that Adversely Affect the Application Process

Change in Program Director: A change in program director is prohibited during the application process and will lead to removal of the application and application rejected if the Self Assessment stage has already been submitted in the CAHIIM Accreditation System. The program may be placed on Administrative Probationary Accreditation.

Substantive Changes: Major changes in curriculum or other documentation that invalidates the Self-Assessment documentation and changes that are not associated with the review in progress. This will lead to rejection of the current review stage and an Extension Fee will be issued.