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Substantive Changes

CAHIIM monitors changes in CAHIIM accredited programs and the institution to ensure educational quality. Program changes of significant modification or expansion of scope must be sent to info@cahiim.org

Contact CAHIIM staff at info@cahiim.org with questions and for additional consultation.

Notification Only:

Notification required within 30 days. Document on institutional letterhead and send by mail or email toinfo@cahiim.org

Program Profile information changes

  • Mailing address
  • Phone
  • Program web site url changes
  • Email for CAHIIM Approved Program Director
  • Program officials: President/CEO and Dean

Changes in institutional accreditor

Submit a copy of the official letter from the new institutional accreditor that indicates pre accreditation or applicant status in order to receive Title IV funding of the Higher Education Act.

Change in the Name of the Institution

The letter from the Institutional accreditor must be submitted that provides the date of approval for the name change and the date of the next review and site visit of the institution.

Program Closure

A college or university that establishes a program incurs an obligation to the students to conduct the program as planned. If circumstances require program closure, advanced notice is required to CAHIIM. Programs may not request voluntary withdrawal of accreditation until all students in the program have graduated. Until then, the institution must continue to pay the CAHIIM Annual Accreditation Fee. Notification of Program withdrawal must be submitted in writing by the chief executive officer to include:

• Reasons for program closure
• The date of the last graduating class

Teach out Plan

A plan must be submitted for the request of Program Closure that includes:

  • Description of Teach Out plan
  • Names and credentials of faculty teaching all program professional courses
  • Number of students remaining in the program and anticipated final graduation dates of last group of students

Prior Approval Required:

A formal assessment process is conducted to determine continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards as a result of the following planned or implemented modifications of the program. A non-reviewed change may result in an assigned focused review, or an adverse procedural administrative accreditation status with due process.

Program Director Change Form (Complete form for a permanent, interim or acting program director.)

Contact CAHIIM staff prior to the intent for the following changes at info@cahiim.org:

  • Degree change - level of degree awarded, degree title change
  • Campus location change or addition of satellite campus. CAHIIM does not support system accreditation for multiple campuses. Accreditation of a previous campus cannot be transferred to another campus or institution. A new institution or campus must go through the Initial Accreditation Process
  • Certificate of the Degree development

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