Frequently Asked Questions


For Program Directors

  • Where can I find the latest Standards?

  • Why should we seek accreditation for our HI/HIM program?

  • How can I get a letter indicating that we have successfully been accredited by CAHIIM?

  • How can I better engage with my advisory committee?

  • How do I accurately identify the total number of students and graduates?

  • Can faculty be shared between programs within a system? (HIM Standards)

  • What does 20% release time for a program director mean? (HIM Standards)

  • What are the HIM requirements for Anatomy & Physiology?

  • Can PPE surveys for the capstone course (120 hour on site practicum) be used for employer surveys?

  • What do you mean “full time faculty, fully allocated" for HIM programs?

  • Can I use PPE assignments to meet AHIMA Entry-Level Competencies on my Curriculum Report that is submitted to CAHIIM?

  • Are annual accreditation fees payable when my program is undergoing a comprehensive accreditation review?


For Students