2022 Master of Health Information Management Standards Revision Process

Public Comment, Round 2 - Master of Health Information Management Standards

The 2nd round of Public Comment on the proposed Master of Health Information Management Standards closed Thursday, February 10, 2022. Comments are currently being reviewed.

CAHIIM would like to think all who provided feedback during the development of these standards.
Below, you can find a copy of the proposed standards, based on feedback from the 1st Public Comment period as well as the Open Hearing.  You can also find a crosswalk between the current standards and the proposed standards.

CAHIIM would like to thank everyone who participated in the Open Hearing (12/2/21).  Your feedback and participation in this process is extremely important to us.

Current Standards Under Revision

2008 MHIM Standards


CAHIIM develops and adopts Accreditation Standards that are the basis for programmatic review and
evaluation of degree granting programs in HI and HIM. The Standards provide the expectations and
requirements to establish a well-developed quality program.  Currently, the Master's degree programs in Health Information Management are evaluated under the 2008 MHIM Standards.

These standards are in the process of being revised by a diverse task force made up of CAHIIM Peer Reviewers, Health Information Management Accreditation Council (HIMAC) members, and program directors of MHIM programs.

The members of this volunteer work group are Mona Calhoun, Dr. Jude Haney, Dr. Debra Hamada, Anita Hazelwood, Jacqueline Moczygemba, Dr. Lisa Morton, Dr. Renae Spohn, and Dr. Amy Watters.

Standards Revision Work Group


Mona Calhoun


Dr. Jude Haney


Dr. Debra Hamada


Dr. Anita Hazelwood


Jacqueline Moczygemba


Dr. Lisa Morton


Dr. Renae Spohn


Dr. Amy Watters

For more information about CAHIIM's standards revision process, refer to CAHIIM Accreditation Manual.

CAHIIM Accreditation Manual

Project Timeline




Review of planning information, Committee charges, timelines
January 11, 2021
1st Open Comment Period
August 2, 2021 - September 10, 2021
Open Hearing
December 2, 2021 - 2pm Central
2nd Open Comment Period  January 10 - February 10, 2022
Standards Reviewed and Approved by HIMAC
2022 MHIM Standards Released

2022 MHIM Standards Compliance Guide Released
September (tentative)

The implementation timeline for the 2022 MHIM Standards will be added in the 2nd Comment Period launch.