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CAHIIM Fall Festival 2020

Dates: Sep 28 - Sep 28, 2020
Date: Sep 28, 2020


This free Virtual Conference is designed to assist those in higher education attempting adapt to the impact of the pandemic. This interactive virtual event will include insights from content experts and exceptional speakers. 

This day’s presentations will focus on cybersecurity and how institutions can learn to protect themselves against cyberattacks or a possible breach in data online.  These speakers will discuss challenges in maintaining privacy and security as AI continues to evolve and will demonstrate the need for HIM Professionals to understand the connections between emerging technologies and the legal environment, regulatory entities and industry standards. 


CAHIIM Program Directors and Faculty.


  • Examine the challenges of online data preservation
  • Understand how to protect your institution's software from potential online hackers.
  • Gain insight on to how to protect your workspace.
  • Keep abreast with new technology in healthcare and the legal ramifications of data breach.
  • Guidance on what steps to take to protect your identity, devices, online accounts and much more.

Lauren F. Wedding (Family Formals - Edited)-1

John Sileo left hi-tech consulting and became an entrepreneur to reclaim his greatest priority - being present for his family. Six successful years, a thriving $2M business and two precious daughters later, he lost it all to cybercrime. Because the cybercriminal masked the crimes using John’s identity, Sileo was held responsible for the felonies committed. The losses destroyed his company, decimated his finances and consumed two years as he fought to stay out of jail. From these bitter circumstances, John made lemonade.

John Sileo is an award-winning author and highly sought-after cyber expert from 60 Minutes to the Pentagon, USA Today to Rachel Ray. His satisfied clients include a Who’s Who of the Fortune 1000, Government, Associations and Small Business. The CEO of a Denver-based cyber think tank, an honors graduate from Harvard University and an inductee into the National Speakers Hall of Fame, John still values his remarkable wife and highly spirited daughters over all other successes.

Listen to John here:

Speaker PhotoSUSAN CAREY

Susan Carey is the System Director of Health Information Management at Norton Healthcare. Health Information Management at Norton is a centralized function, providing HIM services to all hospitals, ambulatory practices, and cancer centers. She is also adjunct faculty for the University of Cincinnati Online HIM program. Carey has several years of experience in HIM, HIT and healthcare project management, having started her career in the HIM profession in the early 1980s. She had the honor of serving on the AHIMA board of directors from 2013 – 2015; and was a President Elect candidate for the AHIMA board. Being told that HIM would “go away” when technology began to transform the paper medical record to the electronic health record and being asked “what does HIM do?” by stakeholders within the healthcare eco system is what drives her passion of educating stakeholders on the value of the HIM profession and HIM professional.

Carey is married, she and her husband Don enjoy horseback riding and camping, they have a daughter Sarah, who is currently pursuing her law degree at UK School of Law. Finally, Susan’s philosophy related to “whatever” comes to HIM, is that the buck stops with us – we will either take responsibility or find who should is responsible.

Listen to Susan here:

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