CAHIIM Accreditation Training Series (CATS)

Introduction to the 2018 Online Training Courses

The CAHIIM training series is designed to meet the needs of programs by providing training at a time that is convenient to your schedule. The CAHIIM Accreditation Training Series (CATS) is designed for Health Infomation Management (HIM) and HeaIth Informatics (HI) degree programs and explores the areas where most questions arise in the accreditation process. Courses will change each year as changes occur in curriculum and CAHIIM accreditation criteria and policies.The library of offerings will expand with time. Be sure to suggest an area that you would like to see addressed in the future to

The series is available to any CAHIIM Accredited or candidacy program at no additional charge, and provides quick answers to topics where most questions arise in the initial and continued accreditation process. All offerings are free to CAHIIM programs except for the workshop courses.

The Conference series is available at no charge for individuals that attended the in-person workshop by CAHIIM, and is available for a fee for those that did not attend in person.

How to Register

ECHO 360 is the application software that CAHIIM uses as its online training portal. You can enroll in one or more courses. Your access to the courses is available for six months from the point of registration, if you need longer or wish to sign up for new courses please visit the online registration web site again.

Begin online Registration at:
After requesting enrollment into a course(s) you will receive a registration email from ECHO 360 for each course. Complete your course registration using the link provided in the ECHO email. Registration in ECHO is quick, with only your name and email needed. Please ensure to make a note of the email you use for ECHO and the password that you create. The CAHIIM Administrator does not have access to your password.

To start a course on your PC, click here to login.

About ECHO360

Each module has the run time listed so you know if you only have 20 minutes, whether you can finish that module or not. CATS voice over video lectures are designed to run on PCs and mobile devices. The videos may not operate correctly on Mac computers.

Before you begin a course, please view this quick (less than 5 minutes) tutorial on how to navigate within ECHO 360 for PC. The PC version is the one you use when you want to download handouts or the Power Point slide set:

The ECHO360 Mobile app

We encourage you to download the mobile app so that you can take your courses with you and easily go through the training as you have a few minutes. The mobile app is very intuitive and does not need a tutorial.

AHIMA CEUs are available

Enrollees in ECHO360 who have an AHIMA credential, can receive CEUs for completing a course that will be verified. A CAHIIM CEU certificate is available on demand for the corresponding training hours and will be sent to the email on record. After you have completed your training, please leave a message on the message board within the course and request your certificate.

The 2018 Course Offerings

Free Courses:



Understanding the Current (2014) Standards

Builds a solid foundation of the elements found in each standard, and how programs can address these elements when completing the Self-Assessment.

Best Practice Tips for Site Visits

Presented by Nacole Everett of Edgecombe Community College. Nacole’s onsite visit was rated a near perfect score. She shares tips on how to get your program ready for an accreditation site visit.

Building Program Goals

Program goals represent an area that is complex and challenging for many programs. This course focuses on how to construct goals that are meaningful. Three programs share their experience in how to write excellent goals.

PPE Models Explored

In this course we evaluate various Professional Practice Experience (PPE) models, and issues seen by CAHIIM Peer Reviewer teams. Successful programs are interviewed for advice on setting up the field based and simulation lab components of PPE.


Free Courses: Coming Soon!



Baccalaureate Curriculum Content

Assess and improve curriculum content based on feedback from CAHIIM Peer Reviewers.

Associate Curriculum Content

Assess and improve curriculum content based on feedback from CAHIIM Peer Reviewers.

Masters Curriculum Content

Assess and improve curriculum content based on feedback from CAHIIM Peer Reviewers.


Paid Courses:

CAHIIM 2018 Accreditation Process Conference Training

These videos are recordings of the in-person training offered each spring by CAHIIM. Individuals who registered for and attended the 2018 CAHIIM Accreditation Process Conference receive access to the video at no additional charge. Individuals that did not attend the Conference in person will need to purchase access for $275 per person.

CAHIIM Virtual HIM Accreditation Process Conference 2018

The May 2018 Conference held in Chicago, IL by CAHIIM for Health Information Management applicant programs is recorded, with handout materials provided. There are five staff presentations and three guest speakers:

  • Val Prater—How to Complete the Curriculum Map
  • Nacole Everett—How to Run a Successful Site Visit
  • Deb Adai—Quality Matters for Online Programs

Accreditation Process Conference 2018

The May 2018 workshop held in Chicago, IL by CAHIIM for Health Informatics programs is recorded, with handout materials provided. There are five staff presentations and four guest speakers. Guest speakers:

  • Sue Feldman—Six Steps to a Successful Self-assessment
  • Eric Swirsky—How to Evaluate Program Competencies
  • Deb Adair—Quality Matters for Online Programs
  • Abby Swanson Kazley—Institutional Effectiveness and Student Outcomes