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For over a decade, the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) has ensured that programs offering degrees in Health Informatics and Health Information Management meet and maintain high-quality educational standards. Accreditation from CAHIIM is highly regarded and demonstrates that a program has met rigorous criteria and prepares students for successful careers in the field.

Public Interest


CAHIIM serves the public interest by operating in a consistent manner with all applicable ethical, business and accreditation best practices. Accreditation is a voluntary, self-regulatory process by which nongovernmental associations recognize educational programs found to meet or exceed standards for educational quality. Accreditation also assists in the further improvement of these educational programs as related to resources invested, processes followed, and outcomes achieved.

CAHIIM establishes, upholds, and advances suitable standards of quality for postsecondary educational programs, aiming to supply the healthcare industry with competent and skilled professionals.

CAHIIM develops and adopts Accreditation Standards that are the basis for programmatic review and evaluation of degree granting programs. The Standards provide the expectations and requirements needed to establish a well-developed quality program.


Health Science Standards & Curriculum Facets

Accreditation Standards and Curriculum Facets for Health Science, developed by CAHIIM's Health Science Accreditation Council, have been approved by the CAHIIM board.

CAHIIM would like to thank those who participated in the two open comment periods;  your feedback has been invaluable in developing these standards.

Starting in 2024, CAHIIM is expanding its accreditation services to include Health Science programs. Program seeking accreditation may learn more here.

For more information about CAHIIM's Standards revision process, refer to CAHIIM Accreditation Manual.

CAHIIM Accreditation Manual

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Credentialing Disclaimer

CAHIIM accredits programs in Health Information Management, Health Informatics, Health Sciences, Digital Health, and various other disciplines.  Once granted, CAHIIM accreditation will not guarantee or otherwise ensure student eligibility for credentialing examinations.  All such matters are determined solely by credential-granting organizations.  Consequently, any detrimental or other reliance to the contrary shall not be the responsibility of CAHIIM or its representatives, and it therefore will not owe any resulting liability to the School or its students.