Benefits of Accreditation

Why Should Your Program Be CAHIIM Accredited?

  • Public recognition of undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • Searchable program directory
  • Comprehensive, 'online' accreditation review processes
  • Interactive, online program evaluation plan
  • Communications network includes Website and newsletters
  • Benchmark data and best practices for continuous improvement
  • Conference workshops and presentations covering program management, student learning outcomes assessment, and quality improvement practices
  • White Papers and program resources

For Students

  • Quality programs provide professionally required knowledge and skill

  • Search for Programs in the CAHIIM Directory

  • Employment and marketability

  • Establishes academic eligibility for applicable professional certifications

For Colleges and Universities

  • Promotes continuous quality improvement through monitoring and reevaluation

  •  Provides online assessment tools for outcome metrics and trend data

  •  Adherence to the Code of Good Practice of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) as a member organization

For Employers

  • Assurance that graduates have expected knowledge and skills
  • Curriculum relevant to today's electronic health record (EHR) environment

For more information, refer to the Value of Accreditation paper developed by CAHIIM.

Value of Accreditation Paper