HIM Demonstration Program Opportunities and Requirements


The purpose of the demonstration program is to create a community of early adopters to inform future HIM education through the mutual sharing of knowledge between the program, CAHIIM and professional partners.  Demonstration Programs will be the first group of programs to be trained in competency-based education (CBE), implement the new future education model and engage in the CAHIIM reaccreditation process. 

To support a transparent and fair process the demonstration programs and the sponsoring education institution will agree to participate in the reaccreditation process which includes paying the reaccreditation fee (“Comprehensive Program Review Fee”) of $8,300. More information regarding fees can be found here.

  • If the program receives reaccreditation as a demonstration program, it will adjust its program reaccreditation cycle that was originally granted by CAHIIM. For example: If the demonstration program receives reaccreditation in the 4th quarter of 2025 the new cycle would be 2032-2033 for reaccreditation.


In addition to the various virtual trainings that are mandatory for the demonstration programs, there will be one mandatory face-to-face training session. The details for the face-to-face training are as follows:

  • LOCATION: Frisco, TX
  • DATE for Cohort 1: TBA (Early-Mid April, 2024)
  • DATE for Cohort 2: TBA (Early-Mid April, 2024)
  • The program is responsible for travel, hotel and dinner expenses for the in-person training session.
  • Programs may invite one additional person to attend the session and be responsible for travel expenses.
  • There will NOT be an expense for the program to register for the face-to-face training.

Demonstration Program Site Visit

  • Demonstration programs in Cohort 1 are required to submit their self-assessment under the 2025 HIM Accreditation Standards on September 30, 2024. Demonstration programs in Cohort 2 are required to submit their self-assessment under the 2025 HIM Accreditation Standards on November 20, 2024. Programs will be trained on the new standard requirements and the required documentation during the required trainings.
  • The program will select either a face-to-face site visit or a virtual site visit within the application to be a demonstration program. The site visit date will be given to the program if they are accepted as a demonstration program.
  • The site visit team will consist of 3 representatives to conduct the site visit, whether that be face-to-face site visit or a virtual site visit.
  • The program is responsible for costs for airfare, hotel, meal and other travel related costs associated with the face-to-face site visit option.

Leaders in HIM future education Model

To support knowledge translation through scholarly activities and to measure student outcomes under this new HIM education model, HIM programs will:

  • be invited to present and share program ideas at the CAHIIM Townhalls and the 2024 and 2025 CAHIIM Summit.
  • be invited to participate in online forums to share ideas and materials amongst programs and pose questions to CAHIIM and other program directors.
  • facilitate data collection from students, faculty, adjunct staff, employers and PPE supervisors to measure student outcomes and perceived success of the new HIM education model. As well as identify barriers and evidence-based practices in developing and delivering CBE for HIM education.
  • help establish new student outcome measures and submit data according to the 2025 HIM Accreditation Standards.