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Board of Directors

The Board ensures effective management of CAHIIM’s operations; provides fiduciary/legal responsibility for the Corporation; appoints Accreditation Council members in accordance with established criteria; abides by the core values and code of conduct for CAHIIM decision-makers; and appoints Board officers annually.

The Board is responsible for the accreditation of programs. In conjunction with the Accreditation Councils, the Board establishes and maintains accreditation standards, policies, and procedures for accreditation of educational programs in the health informatics and health information management professions. The Board reviews and acts on all accreditation decisions referred by the Accreditation Councils. The Board supports research, training, and publications related to accreditation achievement and the maintenance and improvement of the quality and outcomes of academic programs through the accreditation process.

The CAHIIM Board of Directors consists of 10 Directors and 2 Public Members. The Board holds two face-to-face meetings annually and holds 2-3 teleconference calls a year.

Qualifications for Board of Directors


  1. Demonstrated professional organization leadership, governance, or board experience

  2. Demonstrated leadership in academia, practice or in another area of expertise desired by the Board

  3. A director should have a graduate degree, doctoral degree preferred

  4. Knowledge and/or experience with academic accreditation.

  5. Never been removed from any employment or leadership position due to ethical or legal issues

  6. No simultaneous service with other groups that may represent a conflict of interest with CAHIIM’s activities, such as a certification board for the discipline represented

  7. No employment in any Member organization

  8. No concurrent service as a director of any Member’s Board of Directors or similar body

  9. Agreement to abide by CAHIIM’s requirements concerning confidentiality, conflicts, dualities, and fiduciary responsibility.

  10. Agreement to abide by the core values and code of conduct for CAHIIM decision-makers 


  1. Experience related to Board level concerns including;

    • Legal issues related to organizations and/or accreditation

    • Finances of non-profit organizations

    • Prior Board membership with other organizations with similar non-profit status and goals

    • Organizational leadership

    • Innovative thinking