Accreditation Fees

Initial Accreditation Fees

 Pre-application Fee none*          
 Candidacy Status Fee $7,500
 Site Visit Fee  $8,000
 Self-assessment Late Fee $500
 Appeals Procedures Processing Fee  $5,000

*Please see "Step 2" of the accreditation process for HIM or HI accreditation.

Continuing Accreditation Fees

 2021 Annual Accreditation Fee 

 Comprehensive Program Review Fee
(payable in two installments of $4,000)
 Focused Review Fee  $9,000
 Self-Assessment Late Fee  $500
 APAR Late Fee  $500
 Appeals Procedures Processing Fees  $5,000

Substantive Change Fees

* Change in Program Director

 * Comprehensive Program Review: Extension
of Accreditation Fee - see note below
 * CAHIIM prior-approval is required for substantive changes.

Additional Information Regarding Fees

Payment may be made by check, ACH or credit card. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted for all types of fees; please contact for restrictions. 

Extension of a comprehensive program review after the program acceptance and review process has begun will result in this additional fee. The program must be able to resume the review within one year. Fees paid for a cancelled review are non-refundable.

Document Request Fees: Additional fees will be charged for documentation requested after access to the CAHIIM Accreditation System (CAS) has been termination for reproduction and shipping of documents.

No refunds will be given for annual accreditation fees collected from programs requesting voluntary withdrawal.