Degree Program Accreditation Fees

Initial Accreditation Fees

 Pre-application Fee (1)                                               None       
 Candidacy Fee                           $7,500
 Site Visit Fee   $8,000

Annual Accreditation Fees (2)

 Annual Accreditation Fee for 2023
 (Period January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023)

Continuing Accreditation Fees

 Comprehensive Program Review Fee (4)                             $8,000       
 Extension of Comprehensive Program Review (3)(5)  $1,000

Other Fees

 Self-Assessment Late Fee                      $500
 Annual Assessment Program Report 
(APAR Late Fee)
 Appeal Procedures Processing Fee  $5,000
 Focused Review Fee  $9,000
 Change in Program Director (3)  $250

Additional Information Regarding Fees
  1. Pre-application fees are currently being waived.
  2. Annual Accreditation Fees:

    a) Annual accreditation invoices are sent at the beginning of November. If early notification is required to facilitate processing of a purchase order, please contact CAHIIM at to obtain an invoice.

    b) The annual accreditation fee will be discounted for colleges and universities that have two or more accredited degree programs at the same location. The total discount to be applied is $500 for institutions with two accredited degree programs and $1,000 for institutions with three accredited degree programs.

    Number of programs Discounted annual fee per program
    Two degree programs (e.g., associate and baccalaureate) $2,750
    Three degree programs (e.g., associate, baccalaureate, master’s) $2,666

    c) No refunds will be given for annual accreditation fees collected from programs requesting voluntary withdrawal of accreditation.
  3. Prior approval from CAHIIM is required for substantive changes.

  4. Beginning in February 2023, programs will be invoiced the full payment of $8,000 for their comprehensive program review fee after the program acceptance acknowledgement form is received. This change will start for programs in the 2023/2024 cycle. The payment is non-refundable and cannot be applied to another cycle in the event a substantive change occurs that necessitates moving to another cycle.

  5. Extension of a comprehensive program review after the program acceptance and review process has begun will result in this additional fee. The program must be able to resume the review within one year. 

All fees are non-refundable.

Certificate Accreditation Fees

Application and Assessment Fees (1)

 Certificate program sponsored by a CAHIIM accredited degree program
 Certificate - 15 credit hours or less $1,500
 Certificate - 16+ credit hours $1,750
 Certificate program sponsored by a program that is not accredited by CAHIIM
 Certificate - 15 credit hours or less $2,500
 Certificate - 16+ credit hours $2,750

Certificate Program Annual Accreditation Fees (2)

 Certificate program sponsored by a CAHIIM accredited program              $500                 
 Certificate program sponsored by a program that is not accredited

Additional Information Regarding Fees

  1. Programs requesting accreditation of two or more certificates at the same time will receive a discount of $500 toward the total program application and assessment fees for all certificates being accredited. For example, if two certificates with 15 credit hours or less are being accredited at the same time, the application and assessment fee would be $1,250 per certificate program being accredited.

  2. A $100 discount per certificate program will be applied to the annual accreditation fee for programs with two or more accredited certificate programs.

All fees are non-refundable.