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Who We Are


The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) strives to provide the public with effective and consistent quality monitoring of health informatics and health information management programs through maintenance of accreditation processes.

CAHIIM is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  More information about CAHIIM’s CHEA recognition can be found here.

The CAHIIM Vision

CAHIIM is the globally recognized and trusted accreditation organization for Health Informatics and Health Information Management education programs to ensure the development of a workforce that meets the challenge of an information-intensive environment and its impact on global health.

Statement of Scope

CAHIIM, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, accredits associate and baccalaureate degree programs in health information management, and masters’ degree programs in the health informatics and health information management professions in the United States and Puerto Rico.

When a program is accredited by CAHIIM, it means that it has voluntarily undergone a rigorous review process and has been determined to meet or exceed the Standards set by the Board of Directors.

The CAHIIM Mission

CAHIIM serves the public interest in advancing the value of health informatics and health information management through quality education by: 

  • Establishing and enforcing accreditation Standards

  • Recognizing programs that meet the Standards

  • Assessing student achievement

  • Respecting educational innovation and diversity

  • Recognizing academic institutions' autonomy

  • Emphasizing the principle of volunteerism and peer-review

  • Embracing a culture of continuous quality improvement

Core Values

In fulfillment of its mission, CAHIIM’s processes, actions, and strategies are guided by these core values:

  • Executing all of its duties in a trustworthy manner

  • Embracing a culture of continuous improvement to maximize service, productivity and effectiveness

  • Practicing inclusive decision making that relies on a variety of information sources and viewpoints from the public being served

  • Exhibiting integrity and professionalism in conducting all of its operations

  • Committing to a philosophy of a learning organization where volunteers and staff continually expand their capacity to achieve the best possible outcomes

Public Value

By stating that a program has met established academic standards, CAHIIM accreditation provides the following values.

For Students

Allows applicant and prospective students to identify institutions and programs that meet established standards for professional career entry.

For Academic Institutions

  • Provides a structured framework for ensuring sound educational practices, which involve faculty and staff in a comprehensive evaluation plan for the academic program;

  • Stimulates self-improvement by providing nationally acceptable standards against which the program can self-evaluate to meet the needs of students, the profession, and the public;

  • Provides a frame of reference for the program to identify resources that may be needed to maintain or enhance the curriculum;

  • Provides consultative feedback on possible areas of concern and where excellence is achieved.

For the Community and the Public

  • Provides outcomes information about the academic program by a peer review organization whose function is to assess quality and content of the educational experience with entry- level competencies for the profession and the public;

  • Supports the process of professional certification by providing reasonable assurance of quality educational preparation and learning outcomes;

  • Provides an implied level of assurance of a quality health care workforce dedicated to the safety and protection of health information through quality educational preparation.

For Employers

Provides assurance that graduates of a program accredited by CAHIIM have achieved an acceptable level of quality.